Logic Atelier
Logic Atelier


An unbound bootcamp decentralizing academic and job opportunities for upcoming professionals of the communities of Tingo Maria and Huacarpay in Perú.
Gathering them in a rural co-working space with a strong sustainable framework.

A talent hub where local talent and digital nomads from all over the world will network towards social development.

A program originally inspired by the rising demand for web marketing services in South America, and the young demographic of these communities looking for immersive international opportunities without leaving their hometowns in order to dynamize the economy of their own regions. 

Initially recruiting local junior developers and designers to later move forward with agro engineers and eventually reach young professionals from different fields with not only training in their expertise but also English courses focused on language programming and circular economy. 

Logic Atelier HUB, will be the first Bootcamp providing actual international web marketing experiences since day one and immersive challenges in a safe space where connectivity and equipment will no longer be an issue.

With mentors with over 10 years of experience and a curated syllabus fitting today’s competitive market, our main goal is to connect talented young professionals to their dream jobs while lifting their communities. 

The program is going to last 7 weeks and is going to get challenging and exciting as it progresses.

We are launching Logic Atelier HUB with these 3 amazing courses for junior developers:


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